Dance styles taught and examinations taken that currently are available at the school.

Ballet is the backbone of the dance elements and provides a stable base for posture, flexibility, strength, and grace.

General Dance Programme
The General Dance Programme was set up by the IDTA to encourage Education Schools to incorporate dance in everyday school life, the programme enables students to gain Key Stages 1-4 in Dance.  The programme is cross curricular and covers a large variety of dance styles and cultures.

Tap is an excellent aerobic exercise which incorporates children clear beats and rhythm, with changing tempo and styles. 
Riverdance, made popular by Michael Flately and Colin Dunne, is a combination of soft and heavy shoe Irish Dancing. The soft shoe is covered in the General Dance Programme.

Freestyle is a set of dance steps/movement of any style and tempo that are set to music – normally chart music (pop/street/etc)

Line Dancing
Line Dancing are steps/movements that are set to Country and Western music, and normally performed in a line. It is enjoyable and good exercise.

Dance Exercise
The fun way to exercise – aerobic, strengthening, suppleness and toning exercises are put to any style or tempo of music.

Gymnastic Dance
is the floor elements of gymnastics, students are taught the basic exercises and then they are built on the gain further abilities


British Gymnastic Awards
The dance school is a member of the BAGA and is able to examine students for awards which include – Fun Fit, Proficiency, Dance, Pairs, Hand Held and Apparatus

  • Students can be trained from the age of 3 up to and including Teaching Qualifications
  • Students of all ages and abilities are catered for

  • All teachers are fully qualified and hold a First Aid Certificate and a Home Office Disclosure.
  • Exams are held 3 times a year normally March, June and December
  • Tuition for the Anatomy and Physiology Diploma is available for students 16 and over – this is required before commencing on a Teaching Qualification

Over the past 46 years the dance school has trained over 700 pupils, trained 2 ballet teachers, 2 freestyle teachers and 3 Anatomy and Diploma students and over 7060 amateur exams.

It is not necessary to buy any dance wear before starting a class – we like all new pupils to come for a few weeks – when they have settle in all dance gear is available through the school.

Class Timetable

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